It would be great if the skills could be averaged and included next to each student in the gradebook.

We are using the the competency based grading setup. In a teachers gradebook, we can see each skill and the score for assignmemnts, but there is not an overall class average score for each student.

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  • Sep 25 2020
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  • Jen Brakeman commented
    2 Nov, 2022 04:49pm

    This would be wonderful!

    I appreciate that my students can see how they are doing overall for each competency, but they have to get out a calculator to figure out where they are in the class as a whole.

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    Michael Morrissette commented
    12 Aug, 2022 01:21pm

    Hey Folks - This is something that the team is considering implementing but we want to get some more feedback from schools before we move forward. If you would like to discuss CBE in more detail feel free to email me at and we'll set up a chat!

  • Melissa Battis commented
    11 Aug, 2022 01:50am

    This is an important addition to CBE for people who are working in schools that still work within a Traditional "Final Grade" for the year format. Students are unable, at this moment to quickly and easily have a sense of where they stand as an overall whole-child.