Publish Team Schedules by Default or in bulk

I would like there to be a setting for Athletics that allows her to default publish all team schedules. Or, at least allow us to bulk publish all team schedules when she is ready to publish them.
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  • Aug 27 2015
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  • S Long commented
    17 Aug, 2023 07:45pm

    Isn't it time to implement this 2015 idea?! Getting to the Teams' schedule page and then the settings to publish the team schedule is no small notion. The athletic update has really been more headaches than it is worth. To add games is more steps as is publishing schedules for a team. I sure hope another update is in the works.

  • Michael O'Connell commented
    1 Jun, 2020 07:21pm

    As someone who is just learning this now, I can't believe all of you guys who want to publish game schedules to the main Athletics calendar have to do this one team page at a time (per season no less!). I would love to have this on by default, or some kind of function like Group Page Access where you could toggle an "on" and "off" date.

  • Gregg commented
    13 May, 2019 07:03pm

    Alexander has the right idea, this would save going into about 70 teams manually.

  • Guest commented
    14 Mar, 2019 07:11pm

    If a "bulk" by season method, as least an easy way from the Athletics configuration area rather than having to go to each team/group page and set them. Personally, think the latter would be a better fit for many schools as ti is the most flexible.

  • Brent Johnston commented
    20 Sep, 2018 06:02pm


    So first suggested in 2015, still not updated or available. Seeing that there are multiple threads for this option. And wondering how something so obvious hasn't been implemented yet.

  • Guest commented
    19 Jun, 2017 03:24pm

    I agree....Seems VERY silly not to have this option.  Thanks.

  • Alexander Taft commented
    28 Jul, 2016 02:43pm

    Bulk publish option would be great- perhaps with a list of teams and toggles for publish.

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