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Contextual Navigation for Mobile Website Visitors Merged

Proposal for Contextual Nav in School Websites

User story:

As a website user who is on my phone, I would like to easily navigate the section of the website that I am in (close relatives: siblings for sure, ideally children, and maybe even parents) without having to re-find my place in the architecture VIA the hamburger menu.

My attempt at a text-based explanation of a super-visual thing:

When I am on my phone, the website menus are mostly great - the menu collapses into the "hamburger" menu, and I can filter through page titles and click on the one that I want. Problem: I always have to start from the top of the navigation.

One thing that could improve is this: When you are deep in the site, and you need to navigate to a sister or child page, if you click the "hamburger" menu, you need to re-navigate your place in the site before advancing to the sibling or child page you are looking for.

Successful user today:

In other words: User is on their phone, viewing the homepage. User wants to go to the "about" page. User clicks hamburger, easily finds homepage.

Less delighted user today:

Let's suppose the user is on home>academics>institutes>architecture and wants to get to: home>academics>institutes>advanced-sciences

Ideally, the user can click the menu, is already viewing ...>institutes, and can easily select architecture, advanced sciences, technology, whatever. Instead the user clicks the hamburger, then academics, then institutes, then finally advanced sciences. They currently have to re-navigate their path.

Possible Solution: Contextual navigation option

When the hamburger menu is selected, the website knows the active page and starts you where you are, showing current siblings. The website user has the ability to advance deeper into the site, OR return back to higher levels of nav - closer to the homepage.

Administrators would have the option to keep navigation as it currently works, or select the "contextual navigation" option.

  • David May
  • Feb 23 2018
  • Implemented