Apply custom form building options to the Giving form

Is there a way that the functionality that already exists in Custom Forms (under Content in onMessage) could be applied to the Giving form under Giving?  In other words, could the flexibility in terms of section/question order, question format type, etc. that exists in Custom Forms be incorporated into the Giving Form functionality?  I've voted to support all the many display requests for enhancements that have been posted/suggested here, but I wonder if there's a more global fix that would possible?  e.g., choose whether funds display as dropdowns, text fields or radio buttons; re-order the sections to allow gift type and amount to display before contact and payment info; allow a field for campaign and one for annual fund on the same form, etc.

  • Angela Gaffney
  • Dec 2 2015
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  • Shannon Lowe commented
    15 Oct, 2020 05:02pm

    Yes, please! Clearly the technology already exists since you have it elsewhere in the platform!