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Change scary "highlighted grades have been marked for deletion" message when Reviewers make changes to comments Merged

Currently, when a Reviewer makes any edit to a teacher's comment during review, they are presented with a red highlight on the "comment" item and a yellow-highlighted error message reading "the highlighted grade(s) have been marked for deletion. Please click "Confirm" to proceed or "Cancel" to prevent saving changes". This error message has stopped many of our reviewers in their tracks--  it's scary and misleading for the following reasons:

1) Our reviewers don't consider the item they've just edited to be a "grade". As far as they know, it's a "comment". So getting an error message saying that the grade is going to be deleted freaks them out.

2) The "grade" (comment) in question is not being deleted-- it's just been edited! There's a lot of confusion about what will happen when they click the "Confirm" button.

3) It's not clear enough that the item being referred to is the Comment. The highlight of the comment "grade" and the highlight of the warning text should be the same color to make it clear that the two are referencing each other.

Can this error message be made contextually sensitive-- meaning, if the "type" of grade being referred to is actually a comment, can the warning text be adjusted to reflect this? And can the wording say something like "you've made a change to the highlighted comment. Please click "Confirm" to lock in your changes or "Cancel" if you did not mean to make any changes."

  • Sylvie Andrews
  • Jan 8 2019
  • Implemented
  • Sylvie Andrews commented
    8 Jan, 2019 07:39pm

    Here's a screenshot of what the Reviewer sees when they make a change to the comment (see attached)