To be able to Pick a Head Owner of a Community Group

Please create a check box where we can choose one of many owners of a community Group to be the Head Owner. Currently when a student goes to their progress page and scroll down to see the Community Groups they are a member of, the system only displays the Owner of that Community Group with the largest user id number. That means currently if we have 5 assistant principals are owners of a Community Group, we can not choose one to be displayed.

  • Ed Hilliard
  • Jul 29 2020
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  • John Mullen commented
    13 Nov, 2020 02:32pm

    I agree with Amy that this seems like a new issue, and should be a relatively simple fix.

  • Amy Hirschfeld commented
    25 Aug, 2020 04:58pm

    I feel like this is a relatively new glitch in the system. If I'd seen this in prior years, I know I would have said something. This needs to be addressed ASAP. The "head" designation is available on all other types of groups. Come on, Blackbaud.