Make it easier to switch the view of an open record from Academics, Enrollment Management, and Core

Currently, if you have a student's record open in Enrollment Management and you want to check their schedule, you have to switch to Academics and then use PeopleFinder a second time to re-open the student record. Likewise, if you have a student record open in Academics and wish to make an adjustment to their login access, you have to switch to Core and then use the PeopleFinder a second time to re-open the student record. It would be nice if there was some easy way to keep a record open and switch between the various module views.

  • Geoffrey Goodfellow
  • Jan 15 2022
  • Implemented
  • Jan 30, 2024

    Admin response

    This was implemented with the 360 profile released in 2023. You can switch between views of the record by clicking on the student name in the header. This will display a flyout where (depending on your access rights) you will be able to directly switch to the Core, Enrollment or Academic view of a record. The Billing tab for a student shows when switching to the Academics view. We are evaluating adding a separate Billing tile to this hub view to make it clearer how to access that information. Thank you for the feedback!

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  • Ossy Goldenberg commented
    25 Jan 07:47pm

    Add Billing Management to this Group It is such a pain to view a student in Enrollment Management and then need to see the record in Core and then to see the record in Billing Management

  • Melissa Turner commented
    24 Oct, 2023 05:30pm

    To add to this, you can see a teacher's schedule from People Finder in core, but you cannot see a student's schedule from Core.

  • Nancy Kierstead commented
    1 Mar, 2022 03:36pm

    I see this is "Planned". When can we expect this?