Separate Course Title from Assessment Skills in Style Form for Report Cards

Elementary school report cards are incredibly detailed, so organizing them in a way that is easy to read and understand is of utmost importance. As such, report cards would be massively improved if it were possible to adjust the style of the course title separately from the style of the assessment skills.

In terms of hierarchy, the report card would make the most sense and be easiest to read with the following "styles" applied:

  • Column labels like "course title", "teacher", etc. (HEADING 1)

  • Course titles (HEADING 2)

  • Skill types (HEADING 3)


  • Comments section header (HEADING 3)

  • Comments (BODY/PARAGRAPH)

Currently, if you adjust the course titles to be larger, it also makes the skills larger. This makes it very hard to visually communicate that all of these skills and any other grades and comments all fall under that single course.

In the attached screenshot, I've highlighted two headings that should be able to be edited independently from the other content. The Course Title should be able to have its own style separate from the Skills, and the Comments section header should be able to have its own style separate from the actual content of the Comments (otherwise, there is no way to indicate that the Comments section header is actually a header at all.

  • Tyler Erickson
  • Mar 10 2023
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  • Amanda Polson commented
    16 Jun, 2023 09:54pm

    Yes! It is incredibly frustrating trying to style the report cards in a way that will make them easy to understand.