Allow Admins to Manually Add or Bulk Upload Existing Name Pronunciations

We currently have existing name pronunciations from a majority of our students. We would like to be able to use those existing files to add to the new Name Pronunciation area. I would prefer to be able to bulk upload them but would also like to be able to add them directly to the student as well.

  • Jamie Cross
  • Sep 20 2023
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  • Seth Battis commented
    27 Jan 12:54am

    Feh. I realized that this was do-able. And did it.

    Here's a Chrome Extension that lets you upload a 3-column CSV file: Blackbaud User ID, URL of an MP3 file (e.g. a list of files in Google Drive), and an optional description, so you have something pretty to watch on the progress bar.


  • Seth Battis commented
    19 Jan 08:08pm

    Likewise. And currently trying to plan projects/budget for next year. So knowing that this would be an option would be helpful.