ical feed of the daily schedule master rotation calendar

Currently, you can get a .ics file month by month of the daily schedule calendar in Academics > Scheduling > Daily Schedule Calendar. Clicking the icon that looks like wifi gives a .vcal or a .ics option that is downloaded onto your computer.

Rather than downloading and then having to import month by month, I'd like to have a link to this file that I could use to add a Google Calendar subscribed to the .ics feed. This is doable already for a faculty or student's schedule found on their Calendar webpage. You can right click and copy the url for the ics feed which looks like webcal://myschool.myschoolapp.com/podium/feed/iCal.aspx?z=i7xsMcr14aNYB%2bB7C%2b9eQHNkWQULoiTTVxQjycLMRdU%2K2w%3d

(hyperlink intentionally modified so it will not work)

However this creates a calendar with a schedule specific to that student. The events on the calendar have the names of the classes that student or faculty member are in. I need a generic schedule which is what the daily schedule calendar provides.

  • Will Ashby
  • Apr 4 2024