Advisors should be able to view their advisees' report cards in bulk.

Currently advisors have to click on each advisee's Progress tab in order to see his/her report card. It would be helpful for advisors to be able to run the reports in bulk at the end of a grading period.

  • Rachel Dyer
  • Oct 18 2016
  • Already exists
  • Mar 14, 2019

    Admin response

    Advisors can run report cards and transcripts in bulk from the Grading tab of their advisory:

    In the Faculty persona, select the advisory under Groups.
    Click on the Grading tab.
    Click on Run Grading Reports.
    If your school is using the old report card builder, select Report Cards.
    If your school is using the new report card builder, the report cards will show directly in the list.

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  • Kim McAmis commented
    21 Sep, 2017 01:39pm

    I've just discovered the following that allows advisors to print or download report cards in bulk for their advisees:

    Go to the Advisory group.

    Click on the Grading tab.

    Click on Run Grading Reports and select Report Cards.

    Select the Report Card to generate.

    Also listed under Run Grading Reports are Section Grades - By School Year and Transcripts (if access is given).

  • Shawna Khan commented
    13 Sep, 2017 05:41pm

    Transcripts too!!