Add another option to the Forgot your Username and Password link on the Parent Site

Currently if a parent forgets their Username and/or Password they only have 2 options to type in to retrieve them. If the parent forgets their Username they need to type in their Primary Telephone number and Family ID. If they forget their Password they need to type in their Username and Family ID. If they don't have the Family ID, they cannot recover the Username or reset the Password. That would generate a phone call to our call center agents or the school.

My team and I think we should make the forgot your username or password link the same as the First Time login link and offer a 3rd option for the email address. This would give the parent a 3rd option to choose from if they do not know the Family ID. They would then be able to pick 2 of the 3 options to retrieve the Username and/or Password.

Additionally, it would be helpful if we could allow parents to type in any phone number on file linked to the account. It can be hard to remember which phone number the parent used as the primary phone number during enrollment.

Thank you.

  • Jim Lozano
  • Mar 30 2022
  • Under consideration
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