Change/Update billing rules for last month of the billing year to help eliminate incorrect late fees.

The June billing rules are different from the other 11 months and result in either incorrect late charges or manual work to disable late charge calculations. Our tuition billing runs August through May but we might add a charge in June for lost key, missing textbook, dorm damage, etc. Under the current system configuration, a charge that is entered in April would be included in the May payment from the family and wouldn't be considered late until the May payment is missed. After going back and forth with BBTM tech support, they confirmed that a charge added in June could have an almost immediate late fee added, especially if the family payment date is set for the 1st of the month. With a 10 day grace period for payments, a charge added on June 5 would have a late fee applied on June 10 unless we go into the configuration for each family and disable the late fee calculation. This would be like going to the grocery store, buying groceries with a credit card, and getting a late fee because you didn't pay the bill on the previous month's statement.

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  • Jun 2 2022
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