OFFICIAL NOTES - not tied to a school year; would like all to display for all years the student is active

I add notes/awards as they happen, some of which are to be printed on the student's transcript, which is especially important senior year as the job search begins. When I am looking at a student's record their Senior year my initial reaction is that I did not add this aware or that achievement ... and then I add again and/or look back to previous years to be sure -- ugh, a hassle. Also, we use "mentoring notes" and seeing all of these easily as the years progress would be very helpful as the student receives on-going support or has an issue we are trying to address/resolve. Notes - let's see them ALL, please! :)

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  • Sep 3 2021
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Employee Name Stephanie C. Boon
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  • Walter Janaro commented
    6 Jul, 2022 06:54pm

    Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for this idea!!!

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