Statement Billing Range Primary with Enhancement vs Billing Periods Optional

Billing Periods are not very useful for us but it is the first choice to select from for Admin or Students. Many of the billing periods will be blank. Would like to make the use of generating billing statements by Billing Periods View Optional or at least not the first choice you see. Would like the Select a date range to be primary option. Then, if we could set up default dates in the settings configuration (like 7/1 or 1/1, month and day only so it wouldn't have to keep being reset) the From date could default to the last 7/1 or 1/1 date relative to the current date. For example, based on today's date 2/4/23, that would make the From date default to 1/1/23. The To date would default to today's date as it does currently. Either of the dates could then be overwritten to focus on or narrow down to a specific period.

  • Rhonda Lightcap
  • Feb 4 2023
Employee Name Rhonda Lightcap
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