Allow Three Decimal Places on Transcript

It would be helpful to have the option of displaying up to three decimal places on an official student transcript. Currently any class with a credit value of 0.125 will round up to 1.13. While I have been informed that grade calculation indeed takes the third decimal into consideration (thus the GPA is correct), unfortunately it still rounds the value on the transcript to the second decimal place. Thanks.

  • Mike Ramsey
  • Mar 9 2023
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Employee Name Mike Ramsey
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  • Susan Blaisdell commented
    28 Apr, 2023 03:44pm

    Our school only offers credit earned for work completed. We do not issue grades - we have a narrative approach to assessment. We have only discovered this impediment to accurate credit reporting while developing our transcript (we are in 1st year with Blackbaud). The automatic rounding up of credits means we have to reevaluate how we assign credit for future years - and puts a hard stop on us being able to issue valid transcripts for any classes taken in prior years via Blackbaud until this is fixed.