Need functionality for retaken courses

Currently the only way I can remove a retaken course from the CGPA calculation is to mark it as "Do not include" in Grades Management. However, this also takes the original grade out of the GPA calculation for that semester, and it should still be included there. I need a way for retaken courses to factor into semester but not cumulative GPA, and ideally I would like the course to be marked as a retake without having to build a class notes field into the transcript.

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  • May 21 2020
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Employee Name Ross Knudsen
  • Nov 13, 2023

    Admin response

    Course retake settings have been released and are available. Courses can be set to be allowed or not for course retake, including defining how many times a course can be retaken. These settings impact self registration and class enrollment. New settings have always been added into grading. For an individual student, a grade for a course can be marked to be excluded from a GPA. On the GPA calculations themselves, you can also set whether that individual settings will be respected or ignored.

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  • Guest commented
    17 May 06:27pm

    The implemented update does not address most of what I need.

    I need to be able to:

    • INCLUDE a retaken grade in the SEMESTER GPA, but

    • EXCLUDE that same grade from the CUMULATIVE GPA, but only once the course is retaken.

    • Mark a course as retaken.

    Preferably, I would like to be able to do this without going to three different places in the system.

    And by “need,” I mean I have no way to produce an accurate transcript for an impacted student within the system until this functionality is included.

  • Geoffrey Goodfellow commented
    1 Aug, 2022 01:38pm

    We are also looking for an option for a student to retake a course for a new grade. Although all course grades should remain on the transcript, it is typical for the retaken course to be notated on the transcript with a symbol designated the retake. There should also be options for how this retake grade factors into the GPA...1) Not at all, 2) Both grades kept in GPA, 3) Highest Grade kept in GPA, 4) Most recent grade kept in GPA.