Transcripts need option to print the issue date

There is no select for the date the transcript it issued. Add a selection for Date Issued to the Student header fields dropdown

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  • Jul 10 2020
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Employee Name Garry Cook
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  • Nov 29, 2022

    Admin response

    We have added a date field placeholder to the 'Text Area' section that will allow you to place an auto-populating date wherever you need it on the transcript. Below is a screenshot of how I added this to header of a sample transcript, but it can be added anywhere needed. When printed for a student, the [current date] will fill with the date the transcript was printed:

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  • Guest commented
    23 Jul, 2020 03:56pm

    We print transcripts on a watermarked transcript form and the date and page number fall in the signature and FERPA statement making our forms unusable. Making it an option in the Student header would provide flexibility in location.

  • Guest commented
    13 Jul, 2020 08:53pm

    The conferred date should be showed as well.

  • Timothy Hildreth commented
    10 Jul, 2020 01:16pm

    Thanks for the ideas, Garry. Can you tell me more about this request? Is 'issue date" different from the printed on date that is already available on the transcript?