Upload files to a student's medical history

It would be useful to have the ability to upload files to the history section of a students medical record when in the nurses office module. 

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  • Nov 15 2017
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  • Denise Woodward commented
    20 Apr, 2023 07:59pm

    Some parents have challenges uploading forms through the medical form upload portal and it would by nice if our nurse could do it on their behalf when they drop off paper copies

  • Sue Andrews commented
    13 Oct, 2022 07:46pm

    Having medical information in 2 places is archaic and unsafe. Having digital files and paper files because immunization records can't be uploaded by the nurse is a huge flaw in the system.

  • Lisa Oslowski commented
    15 Sep, 2022 05:37pm

    Would also be helpful when we bring a Boarding student to see the doctor, to upload any documentation provided by the physician.

  • Guest commented
    4 Sep, 2022 12:22am

    When making a medical form , is there a way to add options such as student may receive tylenol ( yes/no) benadryl ( yes/no) etc.. Also what does upload file when making a medical form mean? Is the nurse uploading the file OR is this for parents to upload physicals????

  • Teddi Zaluski commented
    2 Sep, 2022 02:04pm

    Absolutly needed. Nurses hands are tied to retrieve student documents

  • Stephanie Redden commented
    3 Aug, 2022 11:32pm

    I agree! Definitely need to be able to upload forms into medical! We are stuck right now with no way to upload immunizations into the medical record. Parents have the form available and often still choose to bring us the hard copy.

  • Justin Medved commented
    14 Jun, 2022 07:59pm

    This is a critical feature. Please add asap

  • josceline reardon commented
    16 Nov, 2021 08:22pm

    I echo the comments below.... it is CRITICAL that our Nurses have an option to upload medical forms to a students medical record. Having a parent try to do it through School Forms has proven to be a nightmare. Please make a change before February 2022.

  • Lisa Oslowski commented
    29 Oct, 2021 04:17pm

    This is critical. We receive documentation from physicians that should live on a medical contact card. Concussions, etc.

  • Claudia Gonzalez commented
    4 Oct, 2021 05:41pm

    Yes, please. Although I greatly appreciate the recent enhancement that allows parents to upload files via the medical form, many parents have difficulty with using it and choose to deliver the files outside of the system instead. It would be very helpful if the Nurses role had the ability to upload files directly to the student medical record.

  • Lyne Labrecque commented
    13 Dec, 2018 01:27am

    Definitely agree about the immunization file.

  • Kathleen Peak commented
    12 Dec, 2018 07:31pm

    This would be nice to upload the public health immunization files.

  • Petra Hall commented
    15 Nov, 2017 08:46pm

    We have noticed that parents don't always report on student's medical issues the same way a medical practitioner does. A secure location to save the Physician's Report on the student record would be very useful.

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