School Forms: allow Admins to mark Complete without user Submitting online

There will always be form Recipients who cannot submit a form online, but will walk it in or mail it on paper. Either they are technically lacking, or are using old hardware or software, etc.

Need a way for form managers to manually mark an item Submitted, enter a simple text note, such as "they submitted it on paper" or "they don't want to participate in this." 

Recipient will then no longer be bothered with it, and form mangers can track it with other done forms.

Related: a way to print out clean blank paper forms from a School Form, by form recipients and form managers. K12CO-I-1243 could address this (wanting PDF preview). K12CO-I-1117 as well, about PDFing for proofing. And K12CO-I-1130  for attaching a totally different PDF for recipient to print, fill in, and walk/mail in.

  • Vincent Jurgens
  • Apr 21 2016
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