Create a Knowledgebase Hub For Users to Share Training Materials

Blackbaud University offers a wealth of webinars that are designed to address all aspects of the product.  Because every school implements different portions and functionality from the product,  we as the client have a really hard time getting more tailored/abbreviated training content for say,  faculty who only need to know about creating assignments, entering attendance, and creating Group Page content,  or communications staff who only need to learn create Pushpage issues.  


I know that as a result of this, many schools have created their own tailored training materials.  It would be to the benefit of all clients if we can see and/or use each other's training resources instead of having to reinvent the wheel for documentation. 


IT would be the most useful to integrate this collegial resource hub into the Knowledgebase that pops up in ON,  as well as a tab on the Blackbaud K-12 community forum.

  • Karintha Marshall
  • Jul 25 2018
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