Organize Official Notes by student's name, class, and author

Currently, a teacher opens their Official Notes to see individual links that are organized by the date the Official Note was written. It is challenging to sift through and there are no sorting options.

Teachers should be able to filter and sort Official Notes by student's name, a class name or the author to see any trends.

Also, Official Notes should be automatically grouped by the student and have a badge signifying how many new Official Notes this one student has. Right now it is a long list based on the date an Official Note was created.

  • Have a drop-down or new window that is then organized by date and can be sorted by class or author.

    • Ideally, there is a link to a specific course.

This type of organization would be helpful for the approval process, too.

  • anson kendall
  • Jun 8 2021
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  • Carolyn Stevens commented
    23 May 03:57pm

    This is a must have! It is currently way too difficult for an advisor to visually spot-check which notes they authored vs notes authored on their advisees by others. The only recourse is to navigate to the student's individual record and read there.