Allow Parents to Upload Documents during Enrollment and Re-Enrollment

Our International Parents could upload copies of their child's passport or visa paperwork to their child's onBoard record, which our staff could use when processing their child's paperwork.

  • Harold Kay
  • Mar 26 2019
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    Kelsey Huijgen commented
    14 Jul, 2023 06:56pm

    You can use Student Checklists to allow incoming or returning families to upload additional files as needed.

  • Ash Smelkinson commented
    27 Mar, 2019 12:21pm

    This would be crucial- and could tie into the idea of having a kind of checklist for after a student is Enrolled but before they start the school year. Although we appreciate the clear line of demarcation between "Enrollment Management" and Students, there are still a few follow-up items that are technically under our purview once a new student is enrolled, and this is a great example of one of those situations.