Blockout dates for interview/visit availability

Please figure out a way to allow for schools to block out dates for available slots for interviews, visits, etc. that would override any recurring slots that would otherwise place on those dates.

For example, if schools are closed for a week during spring break, a place to enter those dates would be beneficial so that availabilities would not place during that week. Currently, the only options are to do two recurring events, one before and one after the break, or enter a single long recurring event and delete each individual availability during the break.

Similarly, if schools have availability every Monday (for example) but the school is closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, and the Monday after Easter, a block out feature would enable those days to remain empty without needing to manually remove slots from those days.

Ideally, this would also have a feature where a single available slot could be added to a blocked out date and override the blockout, if necessary.

  • Brian LeBlanc
  • Sep 29 2023
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