Ability to rename or delete saved candidate lists in OnBoard and Infraction, Consequence and student lists in OnRecord

If you build and save a list in OnBoard or OnRecord you can't rename it or delete it if you determine that the list doesn't really do what you want or don't use it any longer.   If the list could be renamed, then deleting it wouldn't be as necessary since you could change the parameters and then rename it accordingly.  Not having the ability to rename or delete will result in the list of lists growing very long.  

  • Bonnie Spear
  • Nov 18 2016
  • Implemented
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  • Janet Wittenberg commented
    17 Mar, 2017 07:02pm

    Great news! With the Mar 2017 release we introduced a new Manage Lists page where you can Delete a list and use Save As to make a copy.  While viewing an individual list, use Edit Details to change the name of the list.  Thanks for the idea and your patience!

  • Ana Meneses commented
    7 Dec, 2016 07:58pm

    This is a must need feature especially when creating lists for others which could definitely make the open list window contain many unnecessary lists.