Tighter integration with Health and Sports Clearances

Right now we use school forms and the signing of them are part of the Athletic clearance process. Right now in order to not that someone is cleared to play we have to manually check it off on the nurse side. A form should be able to be linked to a clearance item and if it is submitted it should automatically check that item off as being cleared.

Manually entering that Co-Curricular Rules have been electronically completed seems cumbersome. This should fill automatically and be part of what makes a student eligible.

We need a better way to get a list of students with/without insurance information. This should also be part of the automatic system for athletic clearance.
The physical dates need to be stored for at least 2 years. It looks like all of the data that was entered during the last school year was wiped out when the year rolled over. There should be a rolling expiration system that sends a warning to parents 2 months prior, 1 month prior, and upon expiration. The League Minder software promises to be able to do that. 
We need a way to print/download the information that is entered into the records for BBA Well Exam and BBA CoCurricular Rules.
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  • Aug 10 2016
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  • Gregg commented
    1 Sep, 2016 08:01am

    Linking a school form to Athletic Clearance would be helpful in many ways!

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