Limit discussion edits or show changes as edits

We would like to see the ability to either limit whether a student can edit their discussion posting or at least indicate that the original posting has been edited and what changed. Right now there does not appear to be any indication of when a discussion post was changed. 

  • Ana Meneses
  • Aug 30 2017
  • Under consideration
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  • Megan Day commented
    17 Feb, 2023 04:26pm

    Looking for an update on this. We're in the process of creating online asynchronous courses and having this ability with discussions is crucial. Unless this changed, we will be moving online discussions to another platform.

  • Janice Bonczek commented
    24 Nov, 2020 04:39pm

    This is HUGE. We just found out that students can cheat this way.

    They post a statement to the discussion board (can be anything, even gibberish). They can then see the other students answers.

    They search through for one they like, copy or paraphrase it, and edit their discussion post and insert that instead.

    Teacher cannot even SEE that a post was edited by a student, much less turn off the editing feature. This is a huge oversight for using Discussion type assignments as homework or other graded assignments.

    Especially since there is the option to "Show comments to students - after student has posted" (I assume this function was created solely so students couldn't just cheat off of what someone else wrote)

    Please fix or give us the ability to not allow students to edit!! Thank you

  • Mark Siemon commented
    15 Mar, 2019 04:36pm

    As a simple fix for us, giving teachers a switch on the discussion settings that allowed them to "prevent edits" would definitely be helpful!  Seeing history of changes even better.