Seating Charts: Allow editing of "labels" on each side of the chart (to change "FRONT" at the top, when desired)

Most of our teachers find that "FRONT" should be at the bottom of the grid, not at the top. A few disagree. Others would like to clarify which side has the windows vs. the hallway. If there were freeform-text labels on the four sides of the grid, a teacher could choose to indicate where the front is, or the windows, or the projector screen, or however it's useful to orient the viewer.

  • David Gillespie
  • Oct 7 2021
  • Under consideration
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  • Carol Ann Michaelson commented
    4 Nov, 2021 09:56pm

    I agree. Typically a seating chart has "front" at the bottom of the page. It would be nice to have some flexibility in this feature.

  • Ed Hilliard commented
    12 Oct, 2021 01:45pm

    This is a great idea. It would also be great if students would be able to see the seating charts as well. In addition it would be great to have the ability to drag and drop tables of various sizes. With a number selections to let us customize the size of the table we want to drag and drop. For example a 1 by 2 table for a 2 student table, a 2 by 4 for an 8 student table, and so on based on the table Length & Width numbers selected. Then we could position the tables separately or next to each other (ex. "U" shape). (Circle tables would also be a great option). Thank you.

  • Lisa Hellinger commented
    7 Oct, 2021 09:46pm

    We have the seating chart ability now, but it is backward. The bottom of the seating chart should be the students that are directly in front of me. The way it is designed now, the students at the bottom are in the back row. It is as if I am standing in the back of the room. For me, this doesn't make sense.