Seating Chart

This was a feature that some of our teachers enjoyed in FAWeb.

  • Austin Ewachiw
  • Aug 19 2015
  • Implemented
  • Oct 11, 2021

    Admin response

    Seating chart functionality was released on 10/5/21.
    Additional functionality to allow attendance to be taken using the seating chart will be released later in October.

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  • Mark Siemon commented
    8 Dec, 2021 07:48pm

    This is not implemented as stated. The primary attendance is taken in Homeroom, which is an activity group because it is not graded. The way this has been implemented doesn't allow you to create any seating charts for activity groups. FAWEB allowed attendance to be taken for homeroom. Unfortunately, we are still 10 years behind!

  • Nancy Kierstead commented
    3 Nov, 2021 01:56pm

    Please allow us to show preferred names on seating charts instead of first names. We choose a default username format, but it is not respected here. You all should do a full audit for other places the username format is not respected, as I know there are more. This is crucial to our mission of creating an inclusive environment where ALL our students are known and valued. Here is an idea. Vote it up if you agree.

  • Gregg commented
    13 Oct, 2021 02:04pm

    This would have been a lot more helpful if it included activity groups as well as classes.

  • James Sheldon commented
    12 Oct, 2021 10:14am

    I agree. Could there be an option to take the word ‘front’ and move it? Most people don’t read seating charts this way. Also, multiple charts for a single class would be helpful. Many of us have labs where students are seated differently. In other words…there is more than one chart for an individual class.

  • Admin
    Jacqueline Koca commented
    12 Oct, 2021 02:18am

    Hi! We don't have immediate plans for a report or printable version, but are eagerly watching the idea bank for feedback. Definitely add your vote to this idea: We are reviewing the access options for additional users, but also add your vote to this second idea as we'll most likely ask for some input: Thanks! - Jacqueline

  • Nancy Kierstead commented
    11 Oct, 2021 01:19pm

    Is there any way to get pull seating charts in a report or allow nurses/attendance managers to see seating charts? This would be valuable to our contact tracers!

  • Lisa Hellinger commented
    7 Oct, 2021 09:39pm

    We have the seating chart ability now, but it is backward. The bottom of the seating chart should be the students that are directly in front of me. The way it is designed now, the students at the bottom are in the back row. It is as if I am standing in the back of the room. For me, this doesn't make sense.

  • Susan Swensen commented
    3 Sep, 2021 01:46pm

    Our teachers want to be able to create seating charts.

  • Arlene Zoeller commented
    31 Aug, 2021 02:21pm

    So excited to hear the Seating Chart is planned! I saw that one person mentioned adding the photo of the student for the seating chart. I think this is a fabulous idea as many teachers at our school share how they like the photo to put a face to the name.

    Bottom line... I can't wait for this feature to be launched!

  • Cecilia Kwilos commented
    27 Aug, 2021 04:33pm

    Can you tell me the approximate release date planned?

    Cecilia Kwilos
    Database Administrator / Registrar
    Mount Saint Mary Academy

  • Cristi Marchetti commented
    26 Aug, 2021 02:07pm

    I agree with all who suggest seating charts with photos, especially with contact tracing needs and substitutes covering for quarantines.

  • Guest commented
    26 Aug, 2021 12:09pm

    How soon is the only question??? :)

  • Jerry Arnone commented
    26 Aug, 2021 09:22am

    This would be a great feature to have back again.

  • Michele Cacioppo commented
    23 Aug, 2021 08:15pm

    Yes, we need this for contact tracing please

  • Arlene Zoeller commented
    17 Aug, 2021 03:33am

    A seating chart would be a most useful tool for our teachers.

  • Shelly Anderson commented
    12 Aug, 2021 08:11pm

    Ditto...seating charts would be helpful

  • Mary Revie commented
    12 Aug, 2021 12:12am

    Yes to a seating chart and especially the ability to print with student photos. This would be helpful for guest teachers too.

  • Russell Ruthen commented
    15 Apr, 2021 03:49pm

    I am aware of seating chart software available on the market, but the advantage of a Blackbaud solution would be integration with the student contact database and consistency of presentation across the school. The early version of a Blackbaud solution does not need incredible graphics, in my opinion. A simple rectangular grid whose length and width could be specified might work. Some "squares" would be approximate location of student desks that could be associated with specific students in the database; some "squares" would be objects (doors, teachers desk, etc.) that could be labelled. Even a circular room could be approximated.

  • Christine Nichols commented
    15 Apr, 2021 01:34pm

    A seating chart would be helpful at many levels, not only for contact tracing! Having the student photos there would be even better. Please add this feature to Education management. Our teachers would be very grateful!

  • Lynnette Zimmerli commented
    14 Dec, 2020 07:22pm

    I'm with Russell

    Russell Bone commented19 Aug 07:27pm

    Teachers are required to keep seating charts to document possible exposure. We were able to do that with FAWeb but since we "upgraded" we can no longer do that. Please give the option.

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