Transfer Class option should Transfer assignments and grades

With the new option to "Transfer" a student to a different section of a class, it would be helpful if the grades and assignments went to the new section as well. When a student is moving a period, it is a lot more work to run the dropped class report and reenter all of the grades. Also, ungraded, submitted work disappears .... it would be so much more useful as an option if it really transferred. It does not seem to function much differently from the drop a class option.

  • Kristin McNeal
  • Oct 3 2022
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  • Cecilia Kwilos commented
    12 Dec, 2023 04:04pm

    I totally understand the issue raised concerning this idea; namely, that different sections of a class won’t necessarily have the same set of assignments.

    What would help a lot is for the electronically submitted assignments not to disappear during the transfer.

    Since the transferred student’s assignment grades are still visible when Dropped Students are included in the gradebook view of the pre-transfer class section, if the electronically submitted assignments could also remain available, that would help a great deal.

    Right now the submitted assignment Inbox Icon is still live for the transferred student, but it takes me to the assignment submitted by the first student in the class roster.

  • Rick Geyer commented
    19 Sep, 2023 08:14pm

    The only way I can see assignment grades transferring from one gradebook to another would be when the teacher is the same for both sections and the assignments are linked across both sections. There's no way to transfer grades when the teacher and assignments are potentially different. Even if they were entered identically, there is no way you could just programmatically coy everything over unless it also verified the grading setup, assignment category and weight, etc. However, I could see the grade book grades transferring over if the following factors were present:

    • A teacher taught multiple sections of the same course

    • The teacher had the same assignments shared across all their sections

    • The student was transferring between sections that the same teacher taught

    However this ultimately plays out, we still need the transfer to show up on the students schedule history, and the grades to show on the dropped grades report. Currently, the schedule history only shows enrolled and dropped classes. Transfer classes are not recorded in any way that is available to the end user and they should be documented in some way. Also, the grades that were present in the class prior to processing a transfer are not recorded anywhere, nor are available to the teacher who is receiving the student. This HAS to get fixed as well.

  • Nathan Still commented
    21 Oct, 2022 05:59pm

    I completely agree with Michael - simply importing into the new teacher's gradebook would be a big mess. However, in my opinion, the bigger issue here is that the grades disappear from the class that has had the student dropped from the course requiring the person who transferred the student to add the student back into the old section in order for this teacher to pass the information along to the new teacher regarding assessments (or for the student to not be transferred and just added into an extra section - which is confusing).

    If there was a toggle in the gradebook that allowed a teacher to see student's grades that have dropped the course, this would be very useful. Even more useful would be a report that a teacher could get for a dropped student in their class and then pass along to the new teacher for their reference.

    Thank you all for starting this discussion - this is definitely a clunky workflow at the moment.

  • Admin
    Michael Morrissette commented
    19 Oct, 2022 02:20pm

    Hey Folks -

    One potential issue that I see with this is that teachers can have different assignments from section-to-section. We also don't force gradebooks of similar sections to be graded in the same way, which further complicates how previous assignments would map to the newly transferred to section. That's not to say that this is impossible, but there are considerations to account for if we were to allow for grades to flow from one section to another.

    Happy to chat with anyone on this idea further. If you're open to it, feel free to reach out to me at and we can schedule a meeting together!