Add Teacher Info Back to Missing Assignments Report

We noticed that the teacher info was recently removed from the Missing Assignment report, available to advisors in an Advisory Group roster. Our advisors use this report to keep an eye on missing assignments for the students they work with. Without being able to see which teacher the missing assignments apply to, our advisors have to do a lot more clicking around to get the teacher info. This slows down their progress of keeping track of missing assignments for the students on their caseloads. Please add the teacher info back into the Missing Assignments report.

  • Tiffany Klang
  • Aug 25 2023
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  • Geoffrey Goodfellow commented
    31 Aug, 2023 08:40pm

    Huge need for this at our three schools as well. When opening an Advisory, switching to Advisees tab and clicking the Missing Assignment button, our advisors would like to see the teacher's name added. This would also include the teacher's name being included on the .csv export.