Matching questions

When giving an online assessment, some of our teachers would like to give matching style questions.

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  • Aug 27 2015
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    Michael Morrissette commented
    14 Dec, 2022 02:56pm

    Hello Everyone -

    I'm happy to announce that we have released this function with the new assessment building experience that has started to rollout to schools this week. If you do not yet see the new builder as a option when going to make an assessment, bear with us for just a little bit longer as we get this rolled out to everyone!

  • Alexander Taft commented
    15 Jul, 2022 03:34pm

    We all hope for a big improvement. As I have mentioend in past, you ought to model (or seek to integrate) the existing freeware quiz/assessment/testing solution found in moodle.

  • Admin
    Michael Morrissette commented
    14 Jul, 2022 08:47pm

    Hello Everyone -

    Moving this Idea to 'Planned' as the team has begun work on adding a matching question type to our new assessment builder experience. No timeline to relay currently, but I can confirm that this is something that is in an active development process and we are looking into how to best implement this feature to meet the needs of our schools.

    If you have any feedback you want to relay on this particular feature as the team begins to build it out, feel free to email me at

  • Trey Hoos commented
    26 Apr, 2020 08:33pm

    Another teacher from our school has requested this AGAIN! I hope "under consideration" turns into "Planned" sooner than later!

    You may want to merge his idea in:

  • Nancy Kierstead commented
    18 Jan, 2019 05:57pm

    There are a total of 7 ideas requesting matching assessment types.  

    K12OC-I-480, K12OC-I-595 , K12OC-I-1234, K12CO-I-1605, K12OC-I-1792 , K12OC-I-1340,  K12OC-I-154

     Please merge

  • Austin Ewachiw commented
    6 Apr, 2016 01:37pm

    attached is a example from Haiku.

  • Austin Ewachiw commented
    6 Apr, 2016 01:36pm

    I have received this request as well.  Teacher familiar with Haiku enjoy this feature, and would like to see it in onCampus.  Thanks!

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