Provide a more robust way to search for teams inactive & active seasons

Redesign the onCampus Group Finder so it allows you to filter on Year, Group Type, Term/Season (active and inactive). Then have the options in the --Select a Page-- menu reflect the previous filter choices. Once those options are selected, then you should be able to type the name of team or section you are searching for.

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  • Jan 21 2016
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    29 Jun, 2016 07:07pm

    Filtering must be improved in the Group Finder.  Adding type and term filter options would be ideal.  I'm not sure when the Group Finder was changed to only display groups in the current term, but this essentially makes the group finder completely useless for our school during our summer term and eliminates all functionality of searching for groups from a prior school year (since now absolutely no results are found). As an Academic, Activity, Advisory, and Athletic Group manager, the only way to find a group when in my onCampus persona is to go through Procedures. This adds at least 6 clicks to the process for me to find a group, given the set up at our school with two school levels, and several terms.

    I agree with Carolyn that when Blackbaud institutes a change that so many schools complain about, there should be a way for Blackbaud to quickly undo the change. Please Blackbaud, revert to the old Group Finder and add the additional filter items (group type and term/season) on your next go around to give us a more robust Group Finder rather than a useless one.

  • Carolyn Stevens commented
    22 Feb, 2016 05:59pm

    This isn't a redesign as much as it is a restoration of functionality we used to enjoy from the Group Finder.

    I strongly second what Adam said. This change to Group Finder functionality and the trickle down to other athletic tasks (coach's ability to share content to more than one team out of season - i.e. JV and Varsity Girls Soccer) has downright crippled our athletic department, our coaches, our parents, and anyone else searching for a team out of season. We have a similar amount of teams, and it was never a problem of too many choices; as soon as you start typing, it narrows the field.

    I also don't like that this has to be submitted as a "new idea" or "enhancement." When Blackbaud takes away functionality and its customers complain, it should be restored quickly. We shouldn't have to beg, and then wait for months just to hope we get it back.

  • Guest commented
    26 Jan, 2016 08:53pm

    The new adjustment where it only shows current season groups really stunts the functionality of the group finder.  We have 48+ teams and many of them are out of season at any given time.  It makes it hard to get to when you are looking back at a team because you want to look at the roster or look forward to enter or adjust games for a team that hasn't started yet.  I would rather have too many options than not enough.  At least you can get quickly to the next team.