Learning Profiles - add functionality, flexibility

We are just beginning to build learning Profiles and are finding the format very limiting. Our learning Specialist would like to have  a Narrative summary with data fields, like other available notes (Student Name, date, etc.), ideally with pre-defined data fields as well as the ability to add free notes. We also would like the ability to multi-select from the drop down - which appears to be an option but does not work in any of the tests I have done. We are forced to use check boxes instead. We would also like if...then capability so that if a certain option is chosen, then there would be the option for an addition text field or check box, or perhaps a description field (text box) associated with each check box item.  In short, we need the flexibility to add much more detail to these forms.


  • Cynthia Addison
  • Sep 28 2015
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  • Laura Curry commented
    11 Feb, 2022 04:29pm

    Yes please! The ability to have a section expand or pop up based on the answer to a question (like "Does the student have any accommodations") would be ideal. Also, the ability to break the profile into sections (Academic history, Personality Profile) etc. It would also be amazing if we could attach files to the profile for history. Learning profiles are vital tools for younger students, their teachers and their families, so there should be a lot more functionality in their creation.