Add parent wireless numbers to lists and Rosters by teacher.

I would love for parent wireless number to be on student lists and rosters by teacher. We have found many of our families no longer have a home number and use wireless only. We also use these lists and reports often and could really use the wireless option. .Thanks.

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  • Apr 16 2019
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  • ELia Johnson commented
    10 Nov, 2021 03:36pm

    Not sure why this has not been taken care of. This should be a no-brainer. Cell numbers are the main number used. We may have one home number per class. Roster report is fairly useless without the cell numbers listed.

  • Daniel commented
    24 Sep, 2020 02:41pm

    This should be merged with idea #2164

  • Daniel commented
    24 Sep, 2020 02:40pm

    Parents have been asking for this for over a year - this would be very helpful

  • Daniel commented
    7 Aug, 2020 05:46pm

    So many parents at our school have requested this. Many don't even provide home numbers, but rather cell numbers in instead. As Victor said, the only option is to create an advanced list, which has it's own issues - we don't want parents to have access to that, and they still see the regular roster with the home numbers.

    This would be extremely helpful

  • Guest commented
    12 Nov, 2019 10:30pm

    Absolutely. I had to create advanced lists for every classroom in our lower schools so that teachers would be able to see this more easily and in one place. I would love this. 

  • Candace Chesler commented
    20 May, 2019 07:32pm

    Ideas # 1071. 1641 and 1906 have the same request. Please merge the ideas - and help us out by adding wireless numbers to reports. 

  • Guest commented
    16 Apr, 2019 06:20pm

    Yes, please allow us to see cell numbers.

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