Classes list should only show active enrollments

The new classes list gives a count of students enrolled in each course section, which is great, but I have learned the hard way that the count includes any student who was EVER enrolled in that section - not just the students who are actively enrolled NOW. If a student is enrolled in a section and we use the "transfer" feature to move them to a different section, they still show up in the count for the original section in the Classes List feature. The only way students no longer show up in a count for a section is if you remove them with the ERROR code. This classes list feature should only give a count of students who are actively, currently enrolled in a section. It's a difficult, convoluted procedure to figure out who was once enrolled in that section but has transferred out, and I can't figure out why anyone would want a list that showed a count of students in a section that includes students who aren't actually in that section any more. An inaccurate count is worse than no count.

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  • Jul 12 2021
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  • Kim McAmis commented
    10 Mar, 2023 04:15pm

    Today I realized there is a class with 17 enrolled, but the list is only showing 15! I'm unable to make sure I don't over-enroll a class when using this list.

  • jhon imdad commented
    26 Aug, 2021 11:11am

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  • Matthew Poirier commented
    25 Aug, 2021 08:20pm

    I love the way Sara put this. It's a simple thing to fix and make correct. Come on Blackbaud!

  • Amy Sanga commented
    25 Aug, 2021 06:04pm

    I echo this concern. I can't imagine that users want this list to include dropped enrollment. Seems like adding the filter dropped=0 like we would in an advanced list makes sense here!

  • Sara Link commented
    10 Aug, 2021 05:31pm

    I also learned this the hard way. The Classes List is really useless if it can't show the enrollment number correctly. This must be fixed and it should be classified as a defect even though Blackbaud has said it was designed this way. It seems more like an embarrassing oversight than an intentional design! This is a completely horrible unacceptable design. Class Enrollment = how many students are currently enrolled. It's such a simple concept.

    Me: "how many apples are in this basket?"

    Blackbaud: "5"

    Me: <eats one apple>

    Me: "now how many apples are in this basket?"

    Blackbaud: "5"

    Me: "Nooooooo!"

  • Joshua Blice commented
    14 Jul, 2021 05:22pm

    I just tried this with a "demo" student account and it did the same for me. The enrollment number for the section did not change at all. It still included the student I transferred out of the section.