Add more columns and criteria to the gradebooks sky list in Academics

The sky list for "Grade book list" is a nice interface. I wish there were more data options there. Some of these data options appear in reports and probably can be acquired through an advanced list, but I'm not sure? I would love to have:

Number of assignments

Assignment Types. selected

Letter grade scale applied yes/no/some

Calculation method applied

Visibly settings summary

On a somewhat separate note I wish there were an even more comprehensive teacher tool usage are that couldhave all of this as well as maybe...tiles applied to bulletin board, count of topic pages created, announcements made.

I do all of this by hand now to

  • Ben Taylor
  • Nov 10 2023
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  • Daniel commented
    13 Dec, 2023 08:00pm

    Absolutely necessary. SKY lists are much more user friendly than the hard-coded reports, which themselves still don't always have what we need.

    Also the ability to filter by course department is needed. We have two main depts with classes in all grade levels, which generally need to be tracked/reported on separately.

  • Megan Day commented
    14 Nov, 2023 03:45pm

    Would absolutely be a time saver for Admin and Tech Directors who need to keep tabs on teacher usage!