Sort courses by course title in course requests area

Currently, courses are sorted by Course ID instead of Course Title in the newly-redesigned Course Requests area for students and parents. Please sort the courses alphabetically by Course Title as the default. Or, give us the option to choose how we would like the courses to be sorted for students and parents.

  • Liz K
  • Feb 8 2024
  • Implemented
  • Feb 15, 2024

    Admin response

    Hi all!
    The sorting has been released. Courses will sort by group type (only impactful if you have both Academics and Activities requests open at the time) and then by Title.

    Academics (A-Z)
    Activities (A-Z)

    Thank you!
    Jacqueline Koca
    SIS Product Manager

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  • shawn ott commented
    12 Feb 03:40pm

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  • shawn ott commented
    9 Feb 02:31pm

    Definetly, alphbetically--but we would also like them to filter on sort order. We would like our year long offerings to alphabetically precede our semester offerings.

  • Jeanne Townsend commented
    9 Feb 01:18pm

    For students, teachers and parents to be able to effectively read through a list of courses in the Course Requests area, we must be able to display them in the order and groupings that make the most sense for our school! Very few people use or understand the Course ID, which means that they will spend too much time scrolling around trying to make sense of which courses they are seeing....or worse, they won't scroll around, and then won't get the information they need to make good, informed decisions!