Allow families to select from more than one payment plan option for each child if desired.

We have a 9-Month ACH payment plan option where parents can elect to have payments deducted on either the 5th of the month or the 20th of the month. Several of our families have told us that Smart Tuition doesn't allow them the option to schedule one child's payment deduction for the 5th and the other for the 20th like they were used to with our old ACH system. Currently, the payment plan option and the deduction date have to be the same for all children in the same family.

Smart Tuition has told us that the working solution is to have the parent make a manual payment at the start of every month on one child's account and schedule auto-debit on the 20th of the month for the other child.

This seems a little convoluted to have our parents do on an ongoing basis, especially when our prior system with Diamond Mind was able to accommodate this.

  • Jennifer Arnold
  • Feb 6 2019
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