End Of Smart Tuition Classic Site as of April 2021

Good morning and I thank you in advance for hearing me out.

I have been trying real hard to come up with a solution to be able to run the exact type of All Families & Students Report from the Blackbaud Site as I have been doing since 2014 from the Classic Smart Tuition Site.

In saying that it has not worked out favorably. For instance on the Classic Site if I went to view All Families, they show up all together not having to go page by page, I right click to print it out and no hassle, no problems it is right there at my fingertips each time, multiple times a month for the school year.

However with the Blackbaud Site It's a hot mess, I have to go page by page and then when I try to print it out no matter if I have 10 families, 15 families or 20 families on the first page it is all jumbled at the bottom. So if there are 15 Family names on the first page 13,14,15 will be all jumbled together and then the top of the second page will begin with #17 no #16)

I explained to Kathleen P. that I, along with my school depend greatly on this report. View All Families, Total Paid and Total Billed YTD. I run this report moments before meetings and it's a quick tool to see what each family has paid and what they owe. Especially at the end of the year as well. I match up the amounts.

I guess what I am asking for is for this report option to remain in place via the Classic Smart Tuition Site.

There are days when Blackbaud is just flashing in front of me, circling in front of me and I switch over to the classic site and what I need I can have in a matter of seconds.

When I first began my journey with Smart tuition Erin O'Keefe was assigned to my school, she was my "Go To Girl" and she was wonderful. I believe she has moved up, deserving so.

While I enjoy chatting with everyone I get the chance to when issues come up, there are quite a few when I hear their voices at the other end of the line I know I am in great hands.

As with this issue Kathleen P has been helping me out tremendously, trying to get a report set up with her assistance along with her expertise.

It really would be answered prayers if the feature of View All Families, right click and print would remain in place from the Classic Smart Tuition Site.

Please tell me this is a possibility.

Thank you very much for your time, much appreciated

Pleasant Day & Week Wishes

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  • Mar 1 2021
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