We need to make it easier to update an automatic debit on our parent website.

When updating a parents account to ACH there are too many steps that need to be preformed to update the parents new account.  Steps to take to update 1. click on update on My automatic payment. 2. Add a new account. 3. Select checking savings or cc 4. Enter in account information and add account 5. Confirm what you just entered but it doesn't show the whole card number anyway.  6. Added new account confirmed and option to pay my bill but it doesn't update the ACH. If you realize something is not right, you have to click on edit my profile again and you see My automatic payment account is NOT updated with the information you just added. 7. Click on update my automatic payment account again 8. Select the account you just added  9. Enter that information AGAIN and click make this my primary account and click update. 10. Click confirm 11. Advised that you updated the info correctly 12. Click edit my profile to double check again. Parents should only have to enter the new bank information once and we should automatically make that the new primary account. We need to make it easier to update this information.

Parents will be able to self serve easier and the call center will benefit with less calls.

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  • Jun 19 2018
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