Autopay needs to still receive itemized invoices

When a parent is signed up for autopay, they receive a reminder email saying to click and sign on their account for more information. Instead, they should receive an itemized invoice within that email so that they don't have to click around to find their charges. It should all be in one place, and in one email!  Why are they not still sent an invoice? 

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  • Jul 19 2018
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  • Guest commented
    2 Dec, 2021 07:29pm

    I have families that need to have details of what has been billed and paid in order to fulfill requirements from a grant they are eligible for. No details - no money released. Families also need to see details when monthly payments differ, etc. I was very surprised this was not already available.

  • Guest commented
    17 May, 2021 09:17pm

    This is a very common request from our families who rely on monthly invoices to file for Dependent Care Reimbursement. The current statements and reports available do not capture the items needed for most flex spending accounts.

  • Guest commented
    29 Apr, 2020 08:44pm

    I have heard this request from many families and this is our first year using any of the BB system

  • Talia Requena commented
    21 Jun, 2019 05:21pm

    Schools need to be able to generate adhoc invoices upon request for any balance in any month regardless of the payment method and/or  account balance. If a parent is making a payment, checking their $0 or credit balance, or reviewing their fee history a statement should be available. This topic should be moved to the implementation board as I am sure others are affected and simply have not stumbled upon this thread to vote for the idea.

  • stacey vega commented
    13 May, 2019 03:42pm

    So we were wondering why every month when billing occurs we get many phone calls asking what families are being billed for. Finally realized that any family that is enrolled in autopay, does not receive an invoice with a description of charges, only an email stating how much is being withdrawn from their account. Very frustrating! I don't understand why we cannot generate an invoice with a detailed bill when you can for families that are not on autopay.

  • Michael Zuchowski commented
    27 Sep, 2018 03:40pm

    I underderstand that we dont want to send them out , but we should be able to create them adhoc as needed by school. I have had issues where school are being asked by courts for documentation and when a payer is ach we have no professional presentation to offer, and the schools are making up invoices. it refelcts poorly on Smart, and the School .  This has come up with The Dalton School and St. Albans.