Split Parents/Guardians - Allow for "Current Bill" to show only the percentage of payment that that parent is responsible for

Is there a way to change the way the "Billing" section of a parent's account displays their current bill or payment amount? It would be great if, for example, a parent who is responsible for 50% of the child's fees only gets billed for their 50% portion of each installment, and once that's paid, their balance shows $0.

Right now parents who split payments see the entire amount owed, and I know in those cases it's going to really confuse parents when they think they've paid everything and see a balance owing on their account.

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  • Feb 10 2023
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    30 Mar, 2023 08:45pm

    To add to this - financial aid should be adjusted as well to be able to apply to just one parent and visible by ONLY that parent. There are some instances where both parents are responsible equally for paying for their child, but one parent might apply and be granted financial aid. In this case, that parent should be able to see only the financial aid granted to them and the reduction in the amount that they presonally owe. The other parent should not be able to see financial aid that was awarded to the other parent.

    As well, any reduction shown to both parents in the payment plan section (i.e. bursary award) will really confuse the parents and they will not know what they each owe.