Separate Statement Periods from Billing Periods

The current system setup only allows statement periods, which become the billing periods. This may cause confusion to parents when they view statements. Billing periods are based on calendar months while statement date may not be the end of the month. For example, all charges processed during billing period of February are due March 31. Statement is generated in March for February transactions. Parents only see one number as the balance on their statements for current period (March) and don't see the itemized charges, unless they check the previous statement (February). This caused confusion and inconvenience.

Also, we have tuition fees that's due 1st of the month, eg. December 1, based on the payment plan setup, due date is the charge date, so it's charged on December 1. Parents cannot view future charges that are after the current statement period. By the time they view the December statement, the fee is already due. We would like to include this charge on the November statement to give parents time to pay. So we need to either adjust the statement period or the charge date setup. The system cannot accommodate this currently.

  • Jing Jin
  • Mar 10 2023
  • Needs review
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