Have payment plans apply credits to charges to split the net amount owing over individual payments

We recently rolled out the payment plan feature and will use this to determine how much families need to pay when they set up auto-pay to automatically pay their monthly portion of fees in accordance with their payment plan.

I was flabbergasted to learn that somehow blackbaud can only split the gross tuition billed into payments on a payment plan. I.e. If I bill $25,000 and want it split over 10 payments these payments will be $2,500 each (makes sense in such a simplified scenario). Most of our families however pay re-enrollment deposits, receive financial aid, or discounts that are applied to their tuition and therefore should be taken into consideration when determining what the monthly payment needs to be for payment-plan and in turn auto-pay purposes. Our families that are going to be using auto-pay should of course only have to pay the net amount outstanding, not the gross amount billed before discounts and credits....

  • Donald Brouwer
  • May 3 2023
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