Ability to Autopopulate Fields in Default Row vs Payment to Add Fields + "Paid By" in Bulk Payment Entry

When keying in a group of payments you can populate generally every field in the default row by hitting a key on the keyboard and then hitting the tab key. Why doesn't this work in the Payments to Add section? This functionality would be escpecially helpful in the "Paid by" field of the Payment to Add section since it cannot be defaulted.

Example- when you enter the first letter of an item that appears in the drop down of the default row, the item will appear in a dropdown and then you can hit the tab key to populate the field. Entering an N in the Post Status field will populate Not Yet Posted. These do not seem to work with the individual transactions once they are in the Payments to Add section. Also, since you cannot default the Paid by field, this functionality would be helpful here as well.

  • Rhonda Lightcap
  • Jan 25 2023
Employee Name Rhonda Lightcap
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