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Send notifications to teachers that they did not record attendance for one of their classes. Merged

It would improve attendance tracking and compliance without having to run a report to see if teachers are consistently taking attendance. Perhaps give the option for a popup that keeps coming up until they record attendance for a class.

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  • May 9 2023
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  • Maggie Xu commented
    28 Aug, 2023 12:41pm

    Yes, that would be super helpful, please make it happen. Thanks!

  • Janet Brock commented
    8 Aug, 2023 12:50pm

    Yes please....what a great idea.

  • Cristina Conciatori commented
    3 Aug, 2023 12:49pm

    This would be great for the K-12 area as well

  • Guest commented
    26 Jul, 2023 04:55pm

    Yes please! This would be so helpful for us!!

  • Guest commented
    26 Jul, 2023 04:48pm

    Yes, this would be so helpful and appreciated! Please do implement that feature! Thank you!!

  • Robert Churchwell commented
    26 Jul, 2023 04:33pm


  • Mick Swanson commented
    14 Jun, 2023 01:21pm

    This is an excellent idea. It would be super helpful to have an automated feature that notifies instructors to submit attendance if they have not already done so at a specific point in a class period.

  • Traci Holinger commented
    14 Jun, 2023 01:12pm

    I would welcome an auto generated text message to be sent to the teacher who have not taken attendance - more than likely they have not logged into MySchoolApp yet and would not see the pop-up. However, the pop-up is a great place to start as well.

  • Rick Geyer commented
    31 May, 2023 07:43pm

    The pop-up idea is nice, but it's amazing what teachers can ignore. I don't know how effective that would be in the long term. What we do on our campus is email the teacher and CC their administrative oversight every time their attendance is not taken within the first five minutes of class. We are able to do this though a custom program we created using data that is pulled through the Sky API. I definitely think this would be a good feature to build in to the platform, but it needs to be more than a pop-up. I would love for it to be the type of pop-up that prohibits them from doing anything else in the system until the attendance is taken. An email reminder is also an option, but just make sure you can include more than just the user in the email.