Ability to lock alumni affiliation field so that it does not change to match enrollment rows in Core

A recent change to the system has resulted in changing students’ graduation years so they match the enrollment rows present for course requests.

Could Blackbaud please make it possible for us to lock the alumni affiliation field so that it does not automatically change when enrollment rows are added to students' accounts in Core?

When this change was implemented, we were not notified. Correcting all students' graduation years was time-consuming work that had not been necessary until this change was implemented. Making it possible for schools to choose whether they want to link enrollment rows and the alumni affiliation field would make it so that:

1) the schools who want to have these rows linked can continue to do so,

2) schools who want to keep them separated can do so, and

3) Blackbaud can keep down the number of tickets that come in about this issue.

Thank you so much for considering this idea request.

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  • May 23 2024
Employee Name Dr. Fulmore
User System Admin
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