ConnectRE: Fully Reciprocate Relationships in RE (see attachments)

I would like ConnectRE to FULLY reciprocate relationships in RE.

At present, ConnectRE will "connect" one individual to another by setting up an individual relationship record on the relationship tab (which is an incomplete 'one-way' connection). BUT, it only does half of the full job of reciprocating the relationship (it does not completely "reciprocate" the relationship).  The evidence of this is NO "reciprocal system record ID" on the Individual relationship record (or in queries, exports).

See attached screenshot A (which DOES contain the"reciprocal system record ID" because it is properly reciprocated -  this does not exist on relationships added by ConnectRE).

Attached screenshot B shows the "prompts" that appear when reciprocating a relationship in RE, and one reason why an unreciprocated relationship is problematic.

  • Angela May
  • Dec 12 2019
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