ConnectRE: Show the Constituent Code of the RE record(s) in the processing screen

I would like to see the constituent codes (at least the Primary, if nothing else) for all the records that show up in the processing updates screen in ConnectRE (the grid where you can view what changes are going to happen). 

Currently, all you see is the name of the user and no other identifying information about the RE record. Schools often have multiple generations of people with the same first and last name, and you cannot immediately tell which individual it is in the grid (the student, the parent, the grandparent, etc). 

Seeing the constituent code of the RE record would be extremely helpful for other reasons as well, for example, with address changes for a household - when you see an address change in the processing updates screen for ONLY the STUDENT and not their parents, or ONLY one Spouse and not the other, you know there is a data issue in Core that needs to be corrected before running ConnectRE. Constituent codes would make this a lot easier.

  • Angela May
  • Dec 12 2019
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